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Why Does WordPress Website Speed Matter?

First Impression

“A first impression is always the last impression.” When a visitor comes to your website either through social media or Google then your website left them either a good or bad impression by looking at your website speed. So it is important for your website to load under 1-2s.

Rank High

According to google ranking factors website speed is the most important factor which matters for your website ranking. And this was officially announced in 2010. But to beat out your competitor’s website you must have a fast website.

User Experience

The goal of your website is to provide your services or products. It does not matter what are your primary goals, you need a good user experience for your site. If you do not have a good user experience then your visitors will abandon your site.

Increase Conversation Rate

A slow website kills your conversation rate. Whether you are spending thousands of dollars for your ads to bring visitors to your website. They will not even stay on your site even one minute if your website loading slowly. And your conversation rate will go almost zero. It is important to have the fastest website.

Long Term Effect

Visitors will leave your site quickly if it takes too long to load. Almost half of your potential customers have already left. However, there is a long-term impact here as well. Because of a bad experience, customers gradually cease referring your service to others. Linking back to your material is less likely on established websites.

They Expect Speed

According to a report, 47% of people want your site to load in less than two seconds, according to 47% of visitors. If it takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of people will give up. Whether we’re using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, we all want speedy results. Consider how you use the internet on a daily basis. You’re searching for speedy responses and results.

How Can We Help You?

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Our Plans For WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Speed Optimization For Only 89$

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1. Complete site speed Audit
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3- Cloudflare implementation
4- Can optionally migrate you to a better web host if needed.

Why is WordPress Slow? And We
Have Solution

Google Fonts

In GTmetrix or other speed testing tools you will likely see google fonts errors. Fonts are 3rd party resources that need to be optimized by either combining theme or host fonts locally.

Block bots

Bad bots are slowing down and affecting the performance of your website. This results in a poor visitor experience, as well as the failure of a website or app. Unless you use a tool to monitor for spambots on your site, you would never know.

APIs Integration

Anything that communicates with your WordPress site from outside your own server is considered a third-party external service. With a lot of external services, you’ll have to load them all and wait for data from them on every page load.

Redirection issues

Redirects can also be removed to save server overhead and speed up website loading. To improve a website’s speed, Google recommends deleting landing page redirects. We can help you in removing redirects to speed up your website.

Caching Configuration

Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy can really help you to boost site performance. This can be done with the best caching plugin. We recommend 
which help to solve many speed issue problems.

Unused CSS

All external CSS must be downloaded and parsed by the user’s browser. The more CSS a web page has, the longer users must wait for screens to appear. Removal of useless CSS is a much more effective way to boost overall performance.

CDN Configuration

A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed group of computers that store content such as HTML pages and photos. They’ll just minimize the number of plugins they use on their site by using a CDN provider.

Lazyload on Images

Images can be pretty heavy. This may extend the time visitors wait to access content on your website. Unless you come up with a lazy load solution. There are ways to implement lazy load in WordPress using plugin.

Hosting Migration

Web hosting is no. 1 factor that needs to be considered for effective site speed. Keep PHP version update and database clean-up might increase site performance. We will move your website from a poor web host to a fast web host.

Database Cleanup

The unuseful database can consume your web host resources. When you delete any plugin from WordPress it do not delete all files from its database. Some manual actions need to be done to clean up mysql database.

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