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  • Post published:October 20, 2021

A welcome email for new users is an important part of your WordPress website. Not only send a welcome email to newly registered users, but send follow-up emails as well. Let’s discuss all possibilities so you can choose what you like and send the necessary email in WordPress.

Why to send a welcome email for new users?

To set up a welcome email so when people sign up they get something from you right away is necessary when have subscribed to your mailing list or any services you are giving to WordPress users.

You can use these emails as an introduction or just send them some tips on the site that they signed up for.

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So let’s start with an easy method:

Step 1) Install Plugin For Welcome Email In WordPress

First step we need to install and activate Email Subscribe & Newsletter plugin. After activating Email Subscribe plugin. After activating the plugin, the first thing you need to do is change the default settings of the plugin. By default, it can send a variety of emails and notifications automatically to the admin and that can be annoying.

Step 2) Configuring Settings For Custom Welcome Mail

The default setting is fine for you must change it according to your own needs. To change the default setting go to settings of this plugin. And change the email fields and other desired settings.

Step 2) Writing Custom Welcome Email

Go to notification tabs and write some welcome emails for your new users or subscribers to your services. After that on the top enable the toggle button into blue. At last, just go to the bottom of the page save the changing button. That’s all. Now your users are ready to get a warm welcome from you.


In this article, we have discussed easiest way where we can send a welcome email to users who will register to your WordPress website. Hope you like it. Let us know your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks! Have A Nice Day!

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