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  • Post published:October 20, 2021

Hello guys, today I am going to share with you an interesting tutorial which is very helpful for those people who want to display instagram feeds in wordpress . The tutorial is very easy and free which you can use for any WordPress website, it does not matter how many WordPress websites do you have.

Why to use instagram feeds timeline over wordpress?

While we all know Instagram is very popular social media platform where all the users show their talent or skills through visual fotos. They tell their stories in rich media photos and users can easily understand their favorite brands messages and their status. So using instagram feeds on your wordpress is useful when visitors come to your site they can also explore the feeds of instagram and you can directly get be followed by visitors in no time.

Increase Followers: You can increase instagram followers directly on site. You can get double advantage from visitors at same time.

Showcase your work: You can show your recent professional work on the site instead of indicating the users to go to insatgram.

Increase Engagement: People are more likely to stay on your site if you have an Instagram feed because they will spend time to look at the photographs.

Manage Instagram At One Place: Many company owners visit their websites on a regular basis. You may reply to comments and set your photos without leaving your website.

How to show instagram timeline?

The process of inserting instagram feed gallery is very simple and easy. We are gonna use a WordPress plugin named “Feed Them Social” for this purpose.

 Step 1) Install Plugin

First thing you have to do is to install the free version of this plugin you can either find it on the wordpress.org plugins directory & directory from WordPress blog.

If you do not know how to install plugin in WordPress you can follow this simple guide.

Step 2) Configuring Instagram With Plugin

After activation of this plugin, you will need to connect your Instagram account.  We will connect our feed social account on the left side menu under the plugin you will see Instagram options.

After click on it, you will have to get Instagram ID and Access token. Which you can easily get by clicking n big instagram button. After entering your business Instagram username and password it will automatically fetch the both id and access token.

Step 3) Configuring settings

Now you have go through this plugin settings to make some customize shortcodes for your wordpress page. custom feedsTo do this, click on settings, then you will see a big blue button create shortcode. Choose social network, in our case we will select Instagram feed. Feed type we will choose basic type.

Gallery width is 50% by default. Do change according to your website layout.

The space between photos we will selct at least 3px. At last, you have to click on generate shortcode. You will see it will generate a short code for you.  Now copy this shortcode and paste in the page you want to show your Instagram feeds.

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