Best WordPress Database Cleaner Plugins

Best Wordpress Database Cleaner
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  • Post published:February 13, 2022

WordPress is used by millions of people today and they update or make changes regularly due to its easiness and flexibility which require no coding or any technical skills. So in this way, WordPress keeps all databases which includes revisions to comments which drastically speeds up your website. As a WordPress developer, I have to keep the WordPress database clean. I have tried to find out which plugin can do this job best. Therefore I compared some best WordPress database cleaner plugins over several months.

Why do we need to clean the database from WordPress?

  • It helps you to clean extra or free up used space size.
  • It has a huge effect on speeding up backend and frontend and improving user experience.
  • It can help your website to increase your SEO rank in Google.
  • It is useful to clean and optimize the database if you are migrating your WordPress website to another host because often that can cause problems.

Does Host include a database cleanup feature?

You must be wondering is there any host that can provide automatically database clean-up feature? After doing a lot research we have found out yes there are many hosts for the WordPress which include this great feature in their plans for example:

If you do not want to handle these techy things or if you are busy with your priority business we also offer these WordPress Maintenance Services. We will provide you the best WordPress developer who will take care of your all the complicated things and also fix any problem within minutes.

The Best WordPress Database Optimize Plugin in 2022

These are my personal results after using these plugins for many months until now:

1) WP-Optimize

I got WP-Optimize as the best WordPress database cleaner plugin. It speeds up your website and reduces load time by cleaning out old revisions of posts, pages, comments etc. WP-Optimize is a professional WordPress optimization tool for people who have used WordPress for a long time or has a large site with a huge amount of data. This plugin also lets you remove spam comments permanently which are not cleaned or deleted by other plugins.

for a long time or has a large site with a huge amount of data. This plugin also lets you remove spam comments permanently which are not cleaned or deleted by other plugins.

This plugin is really simple to use all it takes only to click database clean and that is even all on single page. So I should say this is our best free database clean-up for your WordPress website.

WP Optimize Plugin
WP Optimize Plugin

Pricing 💸

Free is available. It also has a premium version available for more features.

Key Features of Wp Optimize Plugin ⚙️

  • It helps you to clean and optimize your database.
  • Recognize and clear orphaned tables within the database
  • It helps you to increase more speed by minification of CSS and JS.
  • You can choose to delete all of the tables in your WordPress database or just a few of them.
  • It can be easily integrated with Updraft Backup Plugin

Who Should use WP-Optimize Plugin? 💁

If you are using WordPress then definitely go for it because It makes your website faster. It is most suitable for the developers who are testing the theme or any sort of plugins on their site so they clean up data with only one click. It is also useful for those site owners who post daily or do regular changes on the website so they need to clear previous revisions and spam comments using wp optimize plugin.

We have been using this plugin for many years and it’s been working great! It does what you would expect from a top rated plugin.

2) WP-Sweep

Wp sweep is the plugin that is useful if you need to sweep or delete everything from your database. It is a free WordPress plugin developed by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan and his team. WP sweep provides the facility to sweep the whole site data, posts, pages, comments transits etc. It has a great advantage is that it also supports the multisite. This plugin is so simple to use all you have to do is just one click to optimize all your database.

WP Sweep Plugin
WP Sweep Plugin


Free to use.

Key Features of Wp Sweep Plugin ⚙️

  • This plugin has a unique feature which is rather than running direct delete MySQL queries, this plugin frequently uses of WordPress delete functionalities.
  • It helps you to clean up any type of element from the database manually.
  • There is no any add-on or it has any premium version to get all its features its totally free to use.
  • It has also a unique feature which is it automatically detects all duplicate content from your database and deletes them to optimize your website in terms of speed and lighten the weight on the server.

Who Should use WP-Sweep Plugin? 💁

It is suitable for your website if you want to delete the tables manually with one-click clean-up and those for those who have not enough budget to buy any premium version of the related plugin. It is all free to use on the unlimited website.

3) Advanced Database Cleaner

Advance database cleaner is more than just cleaning and optimizing the database of WordPress. Due to its major features, it provides users to control manually each data from its database. Whether, it is tables, comments, posts pages, etc. You will have full of it. You can also take a backup before clicking the optimizing database button. The backup data it makes is too smaller that it only takes 1-2 minutes to finish backup without wasting any more time.

Advance Database Cleaner
Advance Database Cleaner


Free and Premium Version available.

Key Features of Wp Sweep Plugin ⚙️

  • It deletes all types of comments whether pending, spam and trash.
  • The backup feature is available in very small sizes.
  • It regularly cleans your database, resulting in a speedier site and a less messy database.
  • Before cleaning up, it displays and see orphaned data before cleaning up your database so you know exactly what you’re cleaning up.
  • Schedule database cleaning and/or repair to run on a regular basis, and indicate which tables should be enhanced or fixed.
  • For more and additional functionalities premium version is available.

Who Should use Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin?💁

This plugin is useful for those who want to look overview of each database element and want to be regularly aware of what is happening on the database. It also help you to save a lot of time while it also makes a backup file in a very short little of time. We can say this plugin is for anyone who has a WordPress website.

4) WP Database Reset

Database Reset has a lot of features. It allows you to reset the database and old revisions to their original and default state. It won’t take a lot of time to do it. Just a few minutes it does your job done. You can also individually choose the tables which need to be reset which is great if you are facing an issue in a certain database line.

WP Database Reset
WP Database Reset


It is totally Free to use

Key Features of Database Reset Plugin ⚙️

  • It is Secured and super easy to utilize and clean up the database which means before resetting it ask for a safety code it’s not possible to accidentally click reset
  • Using the command line, you can completely reset your databases.
  • Good for theme and plugin programmers that need to remove any unneeded data from the database.

Who Should use Database Reset Plugin?💁

This Plugin is useful for developers of themes and plugins who need to reset all databases at once without wasting any time. However, the normal site owner can also use it if you have little knowledge of what you are going to do.

5) WP Reset

Sometimes it happens to your site that you have updated the plugin or theme and your website has messed up. So with only one click you can revert back your website thanks to wp reset built in feature. Without altering any files, WP Reset rapidly resets the site’s database to the default configuration settings. It removes all changes and content, or simply selected elements such as theme settings.

WP Reset
WP Reset


The core feature in the free version is available. However, you can also buy a premium version for more control

Key Features of WP Reset Plugin ⚙️

  • It allows you to undo anything with just one click if your site got any errors.
  • You can manually select database tables to optimize them.
  • It helps you fully reset your website if you are starting from scratch.
  • It has safety features available which do not allow anyone to accidentally delete the database.
  • It can help to eliminates all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, users

Who Should use WP Reset Plugin?💁

The WP Reset plugin can be useful to all types of users. If you are a developer, you might be experimenting with themes, plugins, or alternative database pieces. WP Reset can be helpful in this scenario for erasing database content for new installations.

Conclusion for Best WordPress Database Cleaner

The more content you have on your website, the slower it will load. Simply deleting old revisions and spammy comments may not be enough to free up space for new content; you need the best WordPress database cleaner too. You can use wp optimize plugin which cleans up all databases efficiently by one click only!

Or If you want more information or if there are some other plugins or WordPress maintenance services we could recommend contacting us today! We will handle and manage everything from A-Z.

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